What’s a Trigger Point Therapy?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, then you want to get rid of it right away by attacking the source of it. Every type of pain you feel in your body has a root to it and a therapy called Trigger Point, or Myofascial Trigger Point therapy, can help you in relieving that specific point of pain. Trigger points are painful spots in the tissue of the body that radiate the pain to other parts of the body. For example, a trigger point in the back can radiate the pain to the neck. That pain in the neck is radiated to your head converting itself into a headache or a migraine. This is the reason why attacking trigger points is so helpful.

How does a trigger point therapy work? Your therapist is going to ask you about what type of pain you’re feeling and according to that he or she is going to identify the possible trigger points. After this, the therapist is going to apply pressure to the possible and you’ll hate to rate the pain you feel in those trigger points. One is “no or very little discomfort”, and ten being “excruciating”. Once this happens, the therapist is going to apply a level-two-pressure in the trigger points. When the pressure reaches this point the level will deactivate. The relieve must be long-lasting.

If the point doesn’t respond to the pressure within a minute, then the therapist must do another search because that might not be the right trigger point. During a trigger point massage, you’ll feel discomfort but not extreme pain. If you feel extreme pain, you must tell your practitioner to stop.

Some therapists apply the trigger point technique during other treatments such as the Deep Tissue massage and Swedish massage. But remember this treatment has to be done by an expert on the subject.