What’s a Trigger Point Therapy?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, then you want to get rid of it right away by attacking the source of it. Every type of pain you feel in your body has a root to it and a therapy called Trigger Point, or Myofascial Trigger Point therapy, can help you in relieving that specific point of pain. Trigger points are painful spots in the tissue of the body that radiate the pain to other parts of the body. For example, a trigger point in the back can radiate the pain to the neck. That pain in the neck is radiated to your head converting itself into a headache or a migraine. This is the reason why attacking trigger points is so helpful.

How does a trigger point therapy work? Your therapist is going to ask you about what type of pain you’re feeling and according to that he or she is going to identify the possible trigger points. After this, the therapist is going to apply pressure to the possible and you’ll hate to rate the pain you feel in those trigger points. One is “no or very little discomfort”, and ten being “excruciating”. Once this happens, the therapist is going to apply a level-two-pressure in the trigger points. When the pressure reaches this point the level will deactivate. The relieve must be long-lasting.

If the point doesn’t respond to the pressure within a minute, then the therapist must do another search because that might not be the right trigger point. During a trigger point massage, you’ll feel discomfort but not extreme pain. If you feel extreme pain, you must tell your practitioner to stop.

Some therapists apply the trigger point technique during other treatments such as the Deep Tissue massage and Swedish massage. But remember this treatment has to be done by an expert on the subject.

5 Superior Home Laser and IPL Hair Elimination Machines

Domestic laser or IPL hair elimination machines can also be daunting. The thought that a little handheld contraption has the vigor to completely eradicate the natural hair we’re born with is sufficient to make many individuals steer clear, concerned in regard to the pitfalls. however, through the years expertise has more advantageous so that these devices have turned into advantageous in cutting back both physique and facial hair and prices are extra in your price range than before.

How do the machines work? each IPLs and lasers manipulate using mild, which is absorbed by melanin within the hair and this damages the follicle. Over time the hair becomes weaker and eventually stops transforming into. One component of the word is the big difference between a laser and an IPL device. IPL, or intense pulsed light, isn’t a laser, however, emits a spectrum of shades and wavelengths that declines hair increase, not like a laser, which gives you one single wave of red light and permanently gets rid of the hair follicle.  However most of the domestic hair-elimination machines, apart from one, expend IPL.

anyone the usage of an IPL desktop will discover that there should be some regrowth, so areas would need to be redone, probably every six to one year.

Before settling on this category of hair removal, determine the brand’s skin and hair charts, which point out in case your dermis is simply too darkish, or your hair is simply too easy for the machines to be positive. The ultimate combination of these instruments is darkish hair and stunning skin. Most laser instruments do not work if epidermis is dark or hair is just too easy blonde, grey, white or purple.

Probably most gadgets conveniently received work if dermis is just too darkish or hair is just too gentle, as they are designed to lock whether it is now not protected to use. Most machines have as a minimum three intensity degrees and the one you choose is certainly in keeping with your ache threshold, youngsters some contraptions include suggestions as to which vigor environment to use, which is in line with your epidermis tone. Experts propose starting low and working your method up.

Epidermis must be freshly shaved earlier than employ, and no waxing because the follicle must be left below the dermis. These machines are also not for use on neighborly areas, together with genitals and nipples, nor above the higher lip.

Dr. Raj Mallipeddi, leading advisor dermatologist, spoke of: “frequently these with darker epidermis should be more cautious as there is more risk of discoloring and pigmentation. A trained professional in a medical setting should be able to tailor settings to someone’s requirements. there’s less flexibility with a house machine, which has to be simpler to make use of however it may additionally go well with individuals who decide upon the convenience of home remedy over effectiveness; it might probably even be much less costly.”

In Conclusion, doing a home laser hair removal regiment could be a cost-effective way to get the smooth hair-free skin you desire without breaking the bank on laser hair removal.

Hot Stone Massage- A Luxurious Spa Treatment With Some Serious Massage Therapy

An ancient traditional practice meant to bring relief and relaxation to both mind and body; massages have come back with a band and are climbing the popularity charts with each passing day. However, a massage is much more than mere long and short strokes executed using oil as a medium. There are varied types of massages rendering you exceptional and unique benefits. One such fantastic massage therapy is a hot stone massage.

Understanding hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a special type of massage which is administered using heated basalt stones which are placed at strategic points on the body and then the body is massaged and muscles kneaded. Die-hard fans of this massage swear by the magical and miraculous effect of this one-of-a-kind massage. The sheer indulgence and the muscle-melting warmth of the hot stones are fantastic to rejuvenate any lackluster mind and body and leave you truly pampered and deeply relaxed.

The healing black magic of basalt

Often the stones used are flat basalt stones of varying sizes though small pieces. The stones can be heated in water or thermostats to about 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When placed on your body, these are more than warm but are not so hot that they become uncomfortable or scald your skin. The warmth from the stones easily seeps in through the skin to the muscles.

The heat provided is highly beneficial to the body. It decreases the tightness and stiffness of the muscles so that they can be easily kneaded. By improving the circulation, the heat helps in faster tissue repair. The heat also enhances the elasticity of the connective tissue which increases the effectiveness of the entire massage session and especially its stretching techniques.

Healing power of hot and cold

The therapeutic effect of hot and cold have been utilized since time immemorial. Along with the hot basalt stones, cold marbles stones are also used in the hot stone therapy to bring you the ultimate relief and relaxation. We already know about the benefits of the heat provided by the basalt stones. The cold applications via marble stones are excellent to relieve muscle soreness and reduce their pain and stiffness. It also helps in the calming of the body inflammation to induce relief. Any sport person can swear by the healing induced by alternating hot and cold compression treatment.

Leading benefits of hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a wonderful alternative for all those who cannot withstand the deep and powerful kneading of a traditional classic massage. Few of its leading benefits are:

  • It relieves muscular stress, tension and fatigue.
  • It breaks all clogged and stored toxins in the body and help to flush them out of the body. It is for this reason that you are advised to drink plenty of water before and after the massage.
  • It pumps up the blood and the energy flow to leave you more energized and fresh.
  • It alleviates all pains and aches from the body.
  • It helps any person improve his flexibility and range of motion.
  • It also relieves you of all mental stress, depression, anxiety and induces better sleep in you.

Bottom line

Given the enormous benefits of the hot stone massage therapy, it is hardly surprising that it comes across as the top recommended massages to try. Terrific for both newbies and experienced, it can be the ultimate addicting experience of your life.


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– Eyelashes Extension

– Types of Eyelashes Extension

– What is Cynaocrylate

– Professionals in Eyelashes Artistry

– Importance of Eyelashes Extension

– Disadvantages of Eyelashes.





It’s a common thing these days for people to jump into the act of what they have little or no idea about, all in the name of my friends “do the same thing” which is very wrong and dangerous. It’s more or less a blind leap.

In this article, we will be unavailing some tips you need to be aware of about EYELASH EXTENSION. In both of less concern and high concern.

Let us take a brief look at what we’re talking about its foundation. I’m sure it would be helpful if we do.

The question is, WHAT’S EYELASH? For those who have no knowledge about some part of human face. Eyelash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the EYELID. It helps protect the eye from debris and perform some functions as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse. It also warns against incoming danger to the EYE.

Do you also know that the eyelashes that are connected to the upper eyelid are longer and can reach an average of 8mm in length which is longer than those at the lower eyelid. An average of about 110 hairs are on the upper eyelash and an average of 70 on the lower lash. Isn’t that fantastic?

One eyelash is always about one third (1/3) as long as the eye is wide. Woooow! Also fake eyelashes were first invented by an American film director in 1916 for a fluttering flash effect of silent film actress. I bet we’re history students now.

Anyway, there we have short information about eyelash.

Now let’s take a treat on EXTENSION on the other hand to help enhance our knowledge.

It’s important to know that extension gives the appearance of having mascara on without any funny look, and by funny, I mean an awkward look. Trust me, you don’t want to have that goblin-like look. Got it? Good!  It’s also used to enhance the LENGTH, CURLINESS, FULLNESS and THICKNESS of natural eyelashes. The extension is made from several materials, examples are; mink, synthetic or horse hair (in other word silk).

The main process of applying extension is by making use of ADHESIVES GLUE to stick each to the natural eyelashes one-by-one. This serves as a measure of preventing the lashes from sticking together. A single lash is applied generally to each natural lash and when applied properly, neither the eyelash extension nor the glue should touch the eyelid.

Now, it’s time for us to know the types of eyelash extensions we have, which are: temporary eyelash and semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

  • Temporary eyelashes are applied with a temporary lash glue and it’s not designed to be on during sleep or when swimming.
  • Semi-permanent lashes are also known as individual or flared eyelash extensions are applied with an adhesive which is usually “CYNAOCRYLATE”.

CYNAOCRYLATE is designed for bonding different surfaces. Types of cyanoacrylate include; Ethyl, Methyl, Butyl,  and Octyl.

It’s to be used around the eyes and on the natural eyelashes but not on the skin, which can cause skin irritation. This was designed to last until the lash falls out without external force, which most times last for 3-4 weeks. After these weeks, new lash will be needed to be bonded.

Hence, eyelash extension becomes a regular monthly service if one wishes to maintain the full look. Maintaining a full set of eyelashes demands 2-3 weeks to refill because we lose one natural lash every day.

Also professionals trained in lash artistry are called different names such as; LASH TECHNICIAN, LASH ARTIST, or LASH STYLIST.

As fashionable as eyelash extension can be and also makes one looks more beautiful and younger, it’s necessary to know the importance and the bad side of using eyelash extension. These include;

  1. Apart from making one looks more beautiful and younger, it also helps in protecting the eye from dirt.
  2. The curved shapes of both rows of eyelids help to ship sweat out of the eyes.
  3. Eyelashes also help filter sun rays that shine into the eyes.
  4. It serves as warning to the approach of foreign object in to the eyes as they are hyper-sensitive.

Here are few out of many advantages of eyelash extension. It should be understood that nothing with advantages exist without its other side.

Here are some ills of eyelash extension:

  1. Its cost demanding as most time the eyelash extensions are very costly.
  2. Skin discomfort due to reaction to some certain chemicals.
  3. Time consumption. Fixing eyelash extension can last up to 2-3 hours and this time women don’t really have.
  4. If not applied appropriately, it may cause loss of one’s natural lashes or damage it.

With no doubt, much or little of the pros and cons of eyelash extension as being revealed to us which is for the best. Hopefully this will help us in handling and caring for both our natural and eyelash extension.


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